greenwood lake NY


Mk1 Volkswagen / Caddy

michae poli

1981 volkswagen sportruck

engine/trans: OBD1 aba balanced crank, integrated engineering rods, with stock pistons, with a scientific rabbit built head that’s port/polished, shaved head for 11:1 compression, 1mm oversized valves, 288 cam, techtonics lightweight lifters, hd springs, all being fed by mikuni phh44 carbs. full exhaust and all those other typical hoodads. shirt ratio trans with a swapped .80 5th gear.

interior: mostly stock with mk2 grey recaros and a home brewed COMPETITION QUALITY STEREO.

suspension: rusty trusty racelands up front, eurosport x brace, eurosport upper strut bar, nuespeed front sway bar, addco rear sway bar, and poly bushings all around including steering rack. aside from the sway bar, the rear suspension is stock since i put the truck to work weekly.

brakes: stainless braided lines all around, 10.1 conversion up front with drilled rotors and ceramic pads.

exterior/other: carbon fiber hood, VW LooseNuts rear safari window, schrick valve cover and oil pan.

wheels/tires: OG factory snowflakes with 205/55/14 toyo r888’s

i daily drive this turd spring through fall, work commuter by weekday, putting it through its paces in the mountain roads and as a work mule on the weekends. spent many years gathering hard to find or unobtanium parts for it.

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April 26, 2020 9:07 am

Love the sump 🙂

April 26, 2020 12:13 pm